Presentation of Monography

Conceived as a book of essays, MONOgraphy will consist of texts by all the people who have been actively following the work and activities of the Zadar Dance Ensemble, and therefore those of Monoplay, too. By researching the process of establishing a dance community in Zadar, MONOgraphy will widen its scope by covering not only dance art but also other fields of artistic activity through artists/professionals and authors who will familiarise a wider audience with dance art in general, after which the same will be done with art produced in Zadar by the Zadar Dance Ensemble in the last 26 years.

The presentation of the book will take place on 24th August as part of the MONOasis programme, at former St Dominic’s Church, which is now part of the Zadar Puppet Theatre.

24.08.2018 (Friday)