Workshops for dancers, actors and performers in Zadar, Croatia
From 6th to 19th August 2018


6th to 11th August 2018

Hanna Hegenscheidt has lived and worked in Berlin as a choreographer, teacher and performer since 2005. She is a certified Laban Movement Analyst (CMA) and a certified teacher of Klein Technique™. She studied with Susan Klein and Barbara Mahler in New York for many years. Since 1998 she has been teaching movement education and dance in New York and Germany (Susan Klein School of Dance and Movement Studies, Trisha Brown Studio, Sasha Waltz & Guests, Meg Stuart, HZT Berlin, Studio LaborGras, Tanzfabrik, among others). Her own choreographic work has been presented at the Tanztage (Berlin), Sophiensaele (Berlin), Kampnagelfabrik (Hamburg), fabrik (Postdam), Villa Warsaw, DTW and WET (New York), and others.

A comprehensive exploration of Klein Technique™
We will emphasize the idea of moving from our deepest structural and energetic tissue, the bone. Through an interweaving of theory and practice we will work on the muscles of deep postural support: the psoas, the hamstrings, the pelvic floor muscles, and the external rotators. We will work with a body-felt understanding of how these muscles bring the bones into alignment, a place of connectedness, which leads to the power and efficiency of the movement. 
Klein Technique™ is a movement education and re-education, which can be an underpinning for all movement styles, improvisations, athletics, and for the general health of the body in everyday movement. Susan Klein has been developing it in New York since 1972 and it has significantly influenced contemporary dance in New York and throughout Europe.




12th to 15th August 2018

Nenad Vertovšek has more than 30 years of active martial arts training. 5th Dan in Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido and 1st Dan in Shotokan Karate, Tai Chi Chuan instructor experienced in Japanese and medieval fencing. Based on the experience and research of Oriental martial arts and relaxation psychology, he developed a specific Mind & Body Training for developing individual skills, synergy and team work intended for managers, professionals and sportsmen, amateurs, children and youth. Lecturer and leader of Stress Management for Cadet Pilots and Flying Instructors as part of Aviation Psychology. Long-time permanent lecturer for the Antistress Programme and Psychological Training of the Management Advancement Programme, as well as at business schools for managers “Delfin” and Cotrugli Business School. Long-time Head of the Sports Section of the Croatian-Japanese Cultural and Economic Society.



Tai Chi Chuan is the ancient Chinese art of preserving health and vitality, as well as one’s own and group perception, synergy and timely and most appropriate reaction to any kind of change of circumstances, situations and space.

In daily work and routine, a “review” of one’s own work and life environment is necessary to get additional relaxation and life energy, through creativity and clearer perception. The main objective is to create a relaxed state of the mind and the body, as primary individual and group motivation. Strength comes from a natural, relaxed and focused mind and rippled movement, not as excess or lack of force when being tense and/or slack.

The central part of the programme is a deliberate and coordinated system of exercises for psychological and physical balance and exchange of energy of the people in the group based on the experience and application of ancient principles of Chinese masters’ Oriental skills, as well as the basic methods of Samurai training. By applying breathing techniques and the techniques for relaxation of the head, spine, joints and muscles, psychological endurance and motivation are developed, as well as determination and intuition, and the capacity to manage and cope with crises and key situations.


Iva Hladnik & Andrzej Woźniak


12th to 15th August 2018

Andrzej Woźniak is a Contact Improvisation and dance improvisation teacher from Warsaw, currently based in Berlin. He has worked in this field since 2012, being very actively involved in boosting the Contact Improvisation community in Warsaw. His work is informed by Contact Improvisation, martial arts, Feldenkrais Method and Body-Mind Centering, among others.

Iva Hladnik is a Contact Improvisation and yoga teacher. For many years she has been collaborating with different Croatian and international choreographers and collectives. Since 2013 she has been studying Contact more closely thoroughly with Daniel Werner and Joerg Hassmann. Iva is particularly interested in the sphere in which breath, movement and dance meet and in their therapeutic impact and application.

Touch & move 

Since touch plays one of the key roles in the practice of contact improvisation, we will be exploring how it can inform our solo body movement while generating versatile dialogues between movers. Working with the sense of touch is complex and fascinating, both for the person being touched and the one giving it. We are going to use it as a base, but also as a reference point when sharing weight, allowing more momentum, and inviting aerial adventures. Through technique, playfulness and improvisation we are going to explore the interplay with gravity and momentum while rolling, stopping, falling and flying. Special attention will be given to back space and upside-down pathways in all possible directions. While creating a safe frame where the boundaries are deeply respected, we are going to investigate dynamic range within different polarities in order to find new spaces and connections in our dance spawn by touch.

Students will all be able to go through their own individual learning process in line with their level of experience. Beginners and advanced movers are welcome.


Sanna Myllylahti

I WILL TELL YOU WHEN I AM READY – Searching for the space of being in creating meaning

16th to 19th August 2018

Sanna Myllylahti is an internationally recognized Finnish dancer-choreographer and teacher. After finishing her studies in the University of Arts in Amsterdam in 1996, she worked more than 15 years as a freelancer in different parts of Europe and India. Her latest solo work I WILL TELL YOU WHEN I AM READY got its premiere in 2016. Currently she holds a position as a Senior Lecturer in Contemporary Dance in the Faculty at the University of Arts Helsinki. She teaches contemporary dance technique, movement research, choreography and composition. Next to her work as an artist and educator, she is a member of the artistic curating team for Zodiak – Center for New Dance (FI). She also works as a mentor for various projects in the art field.



This workshop deals with the choreographic questions that arose during her recent solo work.

I am fascinated about movement and its ability to transform the space and the state of being, both physically and metaphorically.

How does it happen, how do we create space?  How does something become Something? How to create space that allows meanings to appear? How do the ideas materialize, become bodies (of something)? How to initiate artistic process? How to nurture this process?

I would like to share some of these questions together with the participants of the workshop. In the workshop the questions will be investigated through practical exercises of the compositional frames, material and context.

I would suggest all the participants to bring with them their own (movement) material, artistic ideas and questions, hoping that the workshop can be seen as a place for exchange and learning together.



Studio address:

Kralja Držislava 10, Zadar

Cheap hostel accommodation is close to the studio and town centre. For any further information’s please do not hesitate to contact us.