Roberta Milevoj presemts the ‘ROB3RTA’ solo

This year’s domestic production is led by Roberta Milevoj, a dancer and a choreographer who is returning to Monoplay with the third in a series of solo works; the previous two ‘Roberta, Roberta’ and ‘Opet Roberta’ were presented at the fourth and the fifth festival edition. In her new piece ROB3RTA, the author is interested

The main program and schedule of 12th Monoplay is out!

The complete schedule of performances of the 12th edition of Monoplay can be found HERE. Due to the limited capacity caused by the epidemiological situation, we advise you to book tickets for the main program performances as soon as possible. Tickets are available: – at the box office of the festival, which is open from

Renowned dance artist Julyen Hamilton arrives to Zadar

In addition to the already announced European choreographer Jonathan Burrows, the prominent British dance artist Julyen Hamilton is coming to Zadar for the 12th Monoplay! Hamilton is a successful dancer, choreographer, poet, and a musician who creates and performs all over the world for more than 40 years. He is considered to be the initiator

Jonathan Burrows, one of the most important European choreographers is coming to Monoplay!

Jonathan Burrows, one of the most prominent European choreographers will perform his latest piece Rewriting at this year’s edition of Monoplay festival. Jonathan Burrows is a renowned and award-winning British choreographer. He started his career as a soloist with The Royal Ballet, where he danced for 13 years before forming his own troupe called Jonathan

The 12th edition of MONOPLAY festival in Zadar takes place with respect to all the necessary measures in August

The 12th edition of the MONOPLAY festival of dance solo will be held from 24th to 28th August in Zadar. This year’s edition brings a series of dance performances made by renowned national and international artists. Given the epidemiological situation, and under all the recommendations, the festival will be tailored to the criteria. The number

Monoplay 2020

The past months have been marked by the suspension of cultural and artistic production on a global level, uncertainty and temporarily a large part of the projects have been put on hold. After a studious reflection, we are extremely pleased to announce that this year's MONOPLAY will be held in August in Zadar. From 24

About festival

The Monoplay Festival is a dance festival in Croatia in the domain of contemporary dance and its expression within the contemporary theatre, and the only festival specialised in showcasing the solo performance. The international dance festival MONOPLAY has been held in Zadar since 2009, always in the end of August.

Developed very spontaneously in order to help a member of the Zadar Dance Ensemble continue her education abroad, the Festival has since increased its organisational and artistic capacities. Consequently, it has developed from a small festival into an extremely significant summer event where experts, artists, critics, teachers, and young generations of dancers meet the audience, begin their dialogue and develop understanding by experiencing the Festival days together. They thus work not only on the systematic advancement of their own work, but on the development of the dance scene in Zadar and in Croatia too.

Year after year, the quality, development, and advancement of artistic and organisational work is reflected in its growing audience and its coupling with the educational platform STREAM Zadar.

STREAM Zadar takes place before the beginning of Monoplay, hence visitors, professional dancers, as well as amateurs can fully round off their summer dance experience in Zadar. They have a chance to attend very interesting workshops held by the world’s renowned teachers in the field of contemporary dance and performing arts, as well as see amazing performances which we regularly bring to Zadar in late August just for you, our audience.

Young generations and the specific nature of the Zadar dance scene have been very important since the foundation of the MONOPLAY Festival, therefore during the Festival we regularly present dance acts by young artists, students at the Zagreb Academy of Dramatic Art, as well as Zadar-based dancers, who have a chance to present themselves at this event to the audience coming from various parts of Croatia and Europe.

Monoplay 24.-28. 08. 2020